Fiberglass Pool Shell

5 Common DIY Fibreglass swimming pool oversights

If you are thinking of installing a  DIY fibreglass swimming pool, first take into consideration these 5 common areas people overlook before they start digging.

1. Planning
It’s important you schedule your pool excavation, pool installation and back filling around the same time to save wasted time and unnecessary problems. For example, If you dig and set the pool one day, and it rains, the pool may shift in the hole. Your pool is safe and 100% secure only when the concrete coping has been laid.
2. Warranty
Pools purchased from My Fibreglass Pool Easy all come with a 25 year structural warranty. Having a DIY swimming pool kit with a printed warranty helps to avoid suffering later on if a problem arises. Considering making copies of the warranty as well to have a back up.
3. Concrete Coping
One big problem about installing your own fibreglass swimming pool is finding someone who can install a concrete coping around the pool. Not every concreter has experience installing concrete coping around swimming pools. Therefore talking about this first with your concreter will make sure you are confident in their service.
4. Additional costs
The main reason homeowners install their own pools is to save money. To make sure you really are saving money plan out the additional costs associated with a DIY installation. These include but are not limited to crane, bobcat and excavator rental costs, council application and permits, water for filling the pool, electrical work, plumbing parts and equipment, and concrete material and labour costs.
5. Pool area
A regularly overlooked part of installing your own DIY Fibreglass Pool is the proper pool area grading. You may have to flatten the land by either packing it with dirt or putting up a retaining wall. As retaining walls can be expensive, make sure you know what is needed for your pool area before ordering a DIY fibreglass swimming pool.

If you are unsure about any of the processes involved in installing your very own Fibreglass Pool please feel free to get in touch.