Pool Accessories

Best Swimming Pool Accessories for your DIY Pool

Choosing the right swimming pool accessories for you DIY swimming pool depends largely on the level of convenience and automation you want, as well as your budget of course. Some swimming pool accessories are mandatory, such as the filtration system, while others are extras that can reduce maintenance time or simply add to the aesthetic value or overall enjoyment of the pool. Another important consideration is local safety codes. Pool fencing or a certain type of deck may be a requirement in your area. Here are some of the accessories you may want to consider when installing a DIY swimming pool:


Filters are among the standard DIY swimming pool accessories. They play a vital role in keeping your pool free of debris and algae so you can enjoy crystal clear water. The most popular filter styles are cartridge filters and high rate sand filters. With a standard cartridge filter, the highest quality cartridges should be used to ensure the filter works as it should. With the sand type filters, there are several types of media that can be used, including not only sand, but glass beads and zeolite as well. Your choice of media greatly influences the performance of the filter.

Heating Accessories

Whether or not you heat your pool or let it warm up naturally is a personal preference, but there are many ways to ensure that your pool remains at a comfortable temperature. Solar heating is perhaps the most economical and efficient way to prolong your swimming season. While there are many varieties of solar heaters to choose from, the premium brands are more economical in the long run because they work more efficiently and are manufactured with high quality materials that prolong their life. If you pay a little more in the beginning, you can save yourself money and frustration in the long run.


While lighting isn’t necessity, it creates a wonderful ambiance and enhances the enjoyment you get from your pool. Imagine nighttime swims and looking out your window to see a warm, glowing area rather than a black, empty space where your pool sits. Generally pool lights are low voltage LED’s and take little maintenance as well as being energy efficient.
There are a host of other accessories that should be considered for your DIY swimming pool. Things such as in floor cleaning systems, robotic cleaners, and pool covers all reduce maintenance issues and give you more time to enjoy your pool. From waterfalls to solar covers, the list of accessories for your DIY swimming pool are nearly limitless.