Pool Solar Heaters

DIY Fiberglass Pools – Solar Heaters

You can save hundreds of dollars on your electric bill by using solar power to heat your fiberglass pool. Yes, the initial cost is sometimes higher, but over time, using solar power to heat your pool is going to pay for the initial cost within only a few months. If you choose to DIY you can save quite a lot of money. You can choose to buy the solar heater or you can choose to make it yourself. Not only is it a renewable source of energy, it’s also better for the environment.

Here’s how it works:
The pool water is circulated through an area which allows the solar panels to heat the water as it moves through the filter and collector and back into your pool. That’s it! The sun will be used to heat your pool’s water which will almost eliminate your pool’s heating bill. There’s also a flow valve which allows you to be able to control how fast or slow the water moves through the pool’s solar heating collector.

The Panels
A huge cost cutter is choosing to purchase a DIY solar panel kit that will allow you to make the solar panels yourself. The DIY kit will cost around $200, but if you choose to buy them instead of making them they could cost quite a bit. They’ll still eventually pay for themselves, but not as quickly as it would if you put the DIY kit together. Not to fear. Putting together a solar panel DIY kit is fairly easy. So much so that even a novice DIY person can handle it with relative ease.
Not only will you be valuing your planets natural resources, you’ll also be saving a ton of money. Generated every single day, solar power is one of the best ways to cut back on your monthly bills. You love your fiberglass pool and you love saving money. Why not show the planet a little love at the same time?