Durability Of DIY Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Durability of DIY Fibreglass swimming pools

As a homeowner, it’s quite natural for you to wonder if a DIY fibreglass swimming pool is durable and long-lasting, and worth an investment. You can be rest assured as they are indeed long-lasting, as long as they are manufactured, installed and maintained well. A pool can in fact last decades if taken care of well!

The manufacture process

Not all fibreglass swimming pools are manufactured alike. The major differences between them are the quality of materials used, the procedure used for applying each laminate layer, the thickness of the laminate and the condition of the mould the pool is built upon. The better they are all, the more durable the pool will be.

Installation process

The swimming pool has to be installed properly, so that there are minimal chances of leaks developing or the pool shifting or settling in any way. You can find lots of videos and information online showing how to properly install your DIY fibreglass swimming pool kit for maximum durability and life.


Like anything else in life, a well maintained pool leads to a longer lasting, and durable pool. Remember, the pool has to take the beating of direct sunlight and is soaked in water all the time. All it takes is minimal maintenance and your swimming pool can last much longer than anticipated! This means it has to be installed with a filtration system to filter the water.

You also have to prevent algae from building up in the pool by keeping the pool water constantly moving, preferably by installing a pump and keeping sanitizer levels up. The swimming pool also has to be cleaned regularly, and winterized properly for maximum durability and longevity.