Selecting The Right Site For Your Pool

Selecting the right site for your pool

Choosing the right site for your DIY fiberglass swimming pool isn’t as difficult as you might think. It is however the most important aspect of the installation that will be undertaken so make sure that you do it with great care.

When you consider the best place for your new in ground fiberglass swimming pool, here are a few of the things you want to take into consideration:

  • Changes in grade if there is a large slope in the yard
  • Consider the distance from the house as well as the distance to the property lines so that you’re not too close to your neighbors. In most cases there are ordinances that will prevent you from being able to install.
  • Also consider the distance that you will need to run the electric and the gas lines if these are things that you are going to need.
  • Set the pool where you will get the most sunshine which will help to heat the pool and keep the costs down
  • You may also want to consider where the fewest trees are so that you aren’t consistently skimming debris out of the swimming pool.
  • Lastly, make sure that you’re putting your pool where there isn’t a lot of chance that you’re going to be hitting anything below ground. Ensure that you contact all of your utility companies and make sure that there are no pipes that are buried and hidden so that you’re going to create a problem for yourself when you dig or have the yard excavated.

Once you have settled on the best place for the pool. It will take no time at all to get it up and running so that you are enjoying summer in the yard.