Swimming Pool Accessories

The Choice of DIY Swimming Pools

A pool is always a welcome feature in any home with a spacious yard. If you are considering having one installed, you should consider many things such as your preferences and budget. It can be taxing to choose among the myriad swimming pools out there. If you want to save money and experience the rewards of building your own pool, perhaps these options can help you arrive at your final decision:

  • Free Standing Pool Block System. Also known as an above ground pool, this pool system allows you to customize your specific requirements. This results in a pool that feels and looks like a traditional one without making you shell out a lot of money. It can be installed at a height of up to two meters, without any need of bracing.
  • DIY Kit with Block and Liner. This is a popular choice for those who want rectangular pools. Its walls are made of nine-inch unreinforced concrete blocks, which are made with cement and sand. Its floor is made of two-inch cement and sand screed. Its vinyl liner fits into the liner lock groove. It is them dry vacuumed, so that it can be put in place, wrinkle-free. This liner can last for at least a decade. Then you can just purchase an inexpensive new liner by then.
  • Prefabricated liner and luxury panel pools. This type of pool is like the block and liner pools. This only requires less plastering and construction skills for its walls. Its polymer panels do not need concrete footing anymore. They also give you good insulation. The panels should be levelled first before they can be fixed with concrete. This type of pool is an excellent choice for rectangular or shaped pools.
  • Solid fibreglass pools. This is the most luxurious pool kit you could ever have. Yet, to install it properly, you need to have an elevated level of construction skills to make this part of your yard.

If you want more information about these pools, or if you want more options, our experts will be more than happy to assist you.